What are the disadvantages of Playing PUBG | Top 10 Disadvantages of Playing PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile breaks all records in the gaming world and also PUBG is rewarded as the Fastest to sell 1 Million units. But Its has some disadvantage of playing PUBG.
This is the first video game to reach 2 million concurrent players on steam. This game is developed by Tencent Games and this game is optimized very well on a small screen.
                   As we all know that every entity in this world has come with advantages as well as disadvantages. So PUBG Mobile has also some disadvantages, Lets us know the top 10  disadvantages of playing PUBG Mobile.

1: Highly Addictive

Once you start playing PUBG, then you have no idea how long you play. Whenever you think that playing a game of around 1 hour, then you can not able to control your mind and you will play around 5-6 hours. You can easily time pass around 5-6 hours in 1 hour ( you think like one hour). This is the main disadvantage of playing pubg.

2: Stress on Eyes

As we all know that many harmful rays come from the screen and these rays are harmful to our eyes. The PUBG Mobile game is an online game, you can't pause for a while and this game runs around 30-35 minutes and you continuously looking Mobile screen very deeply so that it causes stress on the eyes. This is also the disadvantage of playing pubg.

3: Time Killing

Whenever you start playing this game, you can't imagine how fast your time will pass. According to research if you play your favorite game then you think 70% less time play. This is a major disadvantage of playing pubg.

4: Not able to concentrate on your work

If you will addict this game then you will always start thinking about this game. If you have some work then you always complete that work as early as possible and play the game. You never do perfectly work in hastiness.

5: Nightmare about the game

This game looks real as this game contains mountains, house, river, people, gun vehicles, road etc. As you sleep, you think about the game and also it comes in your dream. This is an irritating disadvantage of playing pubg.

6: Loosing offline friends and family

You will always get into the game and thinks about the game, then you have less interaction with family and friends.

7: Take you away from the real world

As you start playing PUBG 4-5 hours then the real world never comes in your mind. Your mind is always fulfilled with gameplay moments.This is also a disadvantage of playing pubg.

8: Increases depression and anxiety level

If you start to play this game more than enough then sometimes you think about your future, studies, then you have no idea how depressed you feel.

9: Battery problem 

This game drains the battery very rapidly, this cause-effect our mobile's battery life.

10: Need high quality of mobile for less lag

This game is around 2.1 GB in size and needs a very high quality of mobiles like SD45, SD660 with 4GB or more RAM. If you play this game mobile with low specs then you feel lag and ping issues.
So you can't play properly.


If you do anything excess in the world will become bad for your life. Play this game as fun not to play as you will addict. This game always fresh your mind if you play this game for 1 hrs. So Play this in the limit not out of limit which is injurious to health. This is all about Top 10 Disadvantages of Playing PUBG Mobile

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