Advantages of Playing PUBG | Top 10 Advantages of playing PUBG Video Game

PUBG, Player Unknown's Battle Ground brought a great revolution in the gaming and streaming world. It was developed and published by a company named Bluehole on 20th December 2017 on PC, and March 2018 on Mobile called PUBG Mobile. 

This game is very addictive and exciting as There are 100 players in a plane and has to land on the island, and searching guns, helmets, bullets, medkits, etc. for surviving under a specific zone and zone areas are always decreasing as time passes as the game has to end in 30 minutes as the last zone.
                 So, There are many advantages and many disadvantages of playing PUBG, In this post, we will see the top 10 advantages of Playing the PUBG Video Game.

1: Improvement in multitasking

In this game, you have to manage many controls at the same time as run, jump, shoot, hide etc and these things sharpen your mind to do multitasking, so can manage many things in the real world too. This is one of the advantages of playing a pubg.

2: Better Judgement

While playing this game, you have to only judge whether the opponent team enemy has better skills or not, whether they have defeated us or not. whether we should rush the enemy team or not. These things are only judged by you. As this game is very addictive, you must learn these things easily after 10-20 are these skills might be used in the real world. This is another advantage of playing a pubg.

3: Sharp Eyesight

You have to keep the eye open always in this game because no one knows when and from which side, the enemy attack on you so, basically you are always looking a different direction. In this way, after a long time, your eye starts behaving like this as you need.

4: Powerful Scanning

In this game, you always scanning an enemy so your scanning power can be improved. According to research, People who play video game have better scanning capacity than nongamer. This is also the advantage of playing pubg.
ex. If you have to find a word among many words in a book, then in most cases gamer will win.

5:Better Attention & Focus

According to research, Gamers will do things very fast as their attention & focus are better. These skills addict this game as you always alert in this game. It is also an advantage of playing pubg.

6: Identify Different Object easily

In this game, there are many things like the real world as house, river, cars, bikes, bridge etc.are easily identify by a pro player at a distance quickly. So, Gamers will easily identify 3-D objects.

7: Improve thinking skills

In this game, you have taken many decisions and immediately gets its results and learn from that decision and try to think better. In this way, you can improve your thinking skills.

8: Quick Relief

This game can take you away from the real world so that you can relief your stress easily and easily time pass. This can also be considered an advantage of playing pubg.

9: Connect unknown people

There are 100 players in this game and you can interact with all and make friends. There are automating options available in this game, As there is no own team, you can play with random players 30 minutes and talk to each other and can make friends.

10: Can choose as a career option

Nowadays, In India there are many streamers like Dynamo, Mortal and many more are earning money from the game PUBG and choose as a career option. Many tournaments are also available for this game and earn easily. This is the main advantage of playing pubg if you are a pro player.
Really PUBG brought revolution in the gaming world.


Where there is an advantage, there is a disadvantage, In the same, this game also has many disadvantages, which will be covered in the next blog. But if you play game 1-2 hours, That is ok, but if you addict of this, then disadvantages appear, so keep in mind your goal, Play PUBG. This is all about the Advantages of Playing PUBG | Top 10 Advantages of playing PUBG Video Game 
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