Top 20 PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks Advanced To Get Chicken Dinner

PUBG Mobile achieved massive success in less and became one of the best online games. Being a gamer, we all are aware of basic things about PUBG Mobile like how to play and all that. In this post, I will tell you some advanced pubg mobile tips and tricks to get chicken dinner quickly.

Pubg Mobile Tips and Tricks Advanced
Here I will be listed the top 20 Pubg Mobile Tips and Tricks advanced to becoming a pro pubg player below.

1: Select the right device, network, and server

The lag problem is a widespread problem for every Pubg mobile player. Pubg Mobile needs high graphics and high specs of the phone. The minimum requirement of the phone for playing pubg mobile is 3GB RAM and a 5-inch screen for less lag. Then you have to go for the right network which gives a minimum 2-3 Mb/sec speed in your area. Then select the right servers like Asia and others.

2: Adjust the Graphics Setting

Every Device had its own Graphics level. So you have to choose the correct graphics settings according to your device. Usually, people prefer an automatic graphics setting, but still, you face lag or frame drop then try to lower the graphics. But higher graphics settings will be definitely more comfortable to spot the enemy.
You can try this one HDR and Ultra if your device supports it; otherwise, Smooth Graphics and High Frame rate is the Best for Normal Phone.

PUBG Mobile Graphics Setting

3: Adjust the Sensitivity Settings

The sensitivity setting is an excellent setting in Pubg mobile. You can improve 60% of your game to adjust the right sensitivity settings. Every gamer has its own sensitivity settings according to how good in recoil control. You can set up the sensitivity setting just by many experiments. You can copy this sensitivity setting also.

Pubg Mobile Sensitivity settings

Pubg Mobile Advanced sensitivity settings
4: Never Run Straight

If you are running straight in pubg mobile, have more chances to get killed because the enemy can easily aim to you straight. Always run like the undefined path so that the enemy can't judge your next move. This is the advanced pubg mobile tips and tricks.

5: Heal Like a Pro

You can heal with sit and stand continuously so that the enemy can't get a headshot. Pro players start moving the last 0.5 sec during healing. This is the advanced tips of pubg mobile.

6: Always take covers

Safety is more priority in Pubg Mobile. Don't stay in open places in Pubg mobile because the enemy can easily see you and start firing to get down and you have nothing to take cover. By these tricks, you can wipe out the full team also.

7: Keep both guns reloaded

No one knows, which time enemy appears in front of you and they start firing, but your weapon is not reloaded when you can get quickly get down. Suppose you and your enemy start shooting each other, and you ammo end and you have to reload it, but it takes more time than switch gun which is already reloaded ammo then you can quickly get down your enemy.

8: Use of Grenades

Grenades are the best things uses in Pubg mobile while Rush any enemy. If you love to rush the enemy, then carry at least 5 grenades and use them before entering the building to rush. By doing this if your nade position is perfect then the enemy gets knocked down; otherwise, they might get health loss so that you can rush and quickly get down because of their health less then yours.

9: Don't Stop Moving

You can't be aimed at moving objects, Similar to pubg mobile because of physics is valid in pubg mobile. If you are always moving in Pubg Mobile then the enemy can never take a headshot, he can only give a few damages on moving so that you can protect yourself from getting knocked. You should try to be as fast as possible in pubg mobile like shooting, jumping, moving at a time. This the pubg mobile tips and tricks advanced.

10: Keep an eye on Blue Zone

Sometimes we are swamped in fighting with the enemy or waiting for the enemy at the bridge, but we have no idea about the blue zone and may die in the blue region if the zone is far away from you and have no vehicles around you. So keep an eye on the blue zone or carry a vehicle and enough medkit for this.
15-20% of players die in the blue zone in every game.

11: Keep your health full

Sometimes we fight with the enemy, and we knocked an enemy, but our health remains very very less then we thought if we have not full health, then we might get knocked before the enemy. 

12: Play with own teammates

Sometimes we play with random players and lend on different places. But Other teams lends with their teammates then you can't find with these team because if you get knocked out, your teammates are not there to revive and lose your points. While playing with teammates, you are like the boss because you know if I get down our teammates are here to revive.

13: Keep Necessary Loot

Always keep necessary loot with you like 2-3 smoke,2-3 grenades,2-3 health kit,5-10 bandages,180+ ammo,2-3 energy drinks,2-3 pain killers and scopes.

14: Use Best Headphone

The best headphone improves your game by 40-50% as in pubg mobile you can hear foot sound, running sound in a specific direction. By headphone, you can judge enemy is coming from which direction and how far they are. This is the most essential part of a pubg mobile.

15: Keep the Same type of Ammo

If you start using the gun with the same kind of ammo, then trust me you never feel less ammo as AKM, Kar-98, DP-28, SKS, and M24 uses the same types of ammo.

16: Move to Four Fingers Claw

Pro players use four finger claw controls for better movements. There is a limitation on Pubg mobile default control setup like you can't shoot jump and move at a time. But you can do it by customizing it according to your own. You can try this one, trust me after one week to start using this control, you play like a pro.

Four Finger Claw control setup

17: Use of Gyroscope

You can use your mobile gyroscope to control recoil. You can customize it in settings as shown below fig.

Use of Gyroscope

18: Look for Snipers and Scope

Close fight is perilous to get knocked if the opponent player is pro.but if you use sniper then you definitely knocked your enemy from a distance. One SMG gun or AIR Gun and one snipper with the scope is the best combination.

PUBG Mobile Sniper

19: Spread your teammates not more than 150m

In the last circle, if your team at the same place and someone figures out your location then by one nade your team may be finished. And also if your all teammates large distance from each other, and if one is getting knocked then you have less chance to revive him. So spread your teammates at 100m distance.

20: Don't be Snake in Last Circle

If you become a snake in the last circle, it's okay but make sure that no one knows your location; otherwise, they will quickly kill you by grenades or headshot.

       These are the top 20 PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks Advanced to get your chicken dinner. Using these tricks, you will definitely play better before and improving your gaming experience day by day. If you are a hardcore gamer, then you must be aware of the Advantages and Disadvantages of PUBG Mobile
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