PUBG Mobile India Full story Explained by TechyDinesh | Launch Date | PUBG Global Version still working

Pubg Mobile came with the revolution in the gaming industry. Many people get addicted to this game, and suddenly in 2020, due to privacy issues with china, the Indian Government ban PUBG Mobile and the main revolution started.

PUBG Mobile India News

Pubg Mobile India News

After reading this blog, you will able to answer the following questions:--

1.What is PUBG Mobile?
2.Why PUBG Mobile has more audience than any other Video Game?
3.Why Government Banned PUBG Mobile in India?
4.Pubg Mobile Ban date in India.
5.Will Pubg Mobile unban in India? 
6.Story of PUBG Mobile India
7.My Opinions
Pubg Mobile India Launch Date
Let's start:---

What is PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is a video game launched on 19 March 2018 for android devices and IOS devices. It brings the revolution in the gaming industry and youth. Pubg Mobile won many awards like the 36th Golden Joystick Awards in Mobile Game in 2018 many more awards. 
Pubg Mobile produces many gamers and highlights the word like Esport, and soon it became very addictive. Playing PUBG has advantages as well as disadvantages also.

Why PUBG Mobile has more audience

PUBG mobile is a very addictive game because, for many reasons, people start addicted to anything that gives his/her pleasure or shows things according to his/her interests. Exactly with the case with PUBG Mobile. Pubg Mobile has an audience age between 15 to 30 years mostly. 

                                            As we all know, age group people like enjoy every moment, and PUBG Mobile gives him/her in many ways. PUBG Mobile is an online multiplayer game with voice chat enabled inside the game where all friends can play, chill and share their thoughts. In PUBG Mobile, you may be met so many unique people from different regions or countries.

                    PUBG Mobile has the best graphics experience and connects to your life easily inside the game. That's why many people like this game.

Why Government Ban PUBG Mobile in India

As PUBG Mobile linked to China, and the relationship between India and China is not good enough. So, the Indian Government thought China's Government may use our user's data and know about any secret, leading to world war. So Privacy issues with china.

So India Government bans many Chinese apps like PUBG Mobile, PUBG Lite, TikTok, etc. PUBG Mobile ban on 2 September 2020 as it removed from the play store and AppStore in India. 

However, users still have access to the previously downloaded game, But; on 30th October 2020, Tencent terminates all services and servers and user access from India.

PUBG Mobile privacy

Will PUBG Mobile unban in India.

This is a very critical and most searched question whether PUBG Mobile unban or not in India. Lets us know from logic.PUBG Mobile is not a Chinese app, It contributes few shares in China. It is actually a South Korean Company.

 India Government has privacy policy issue with china only not South Korea, So If PUBG Mobile left Tencent Company owned by China, then India Government do not have any issue with this game, and It is possible because Most played this in India and earn nearly $48.1M  per year from India. This is a huge amount, and also. 

                                                                            This game downloaded the highest number in India, about 22M from the play store in a year (This data is 2020). As we all these things keep in mind, this says PUBG Mobile must unban in India or comes with different version or names as other countries have.
But  PUBG officials announced PUBG mobile India for fans.

Pubg Mobile India Logo

PUBG Mobile India Story and Date

As Tencent terminates all services and servers for India, Indian cant access PUBG by any known VPN method. Indian Gamers starts searching for PUBG Mobile alternatives as many people are addictive this game and can't even think of their life without PUBG. Indian Gamers started spamming to Government and PUBG corporation for returning to PUBG Mobile. 

                                                                                                             They announced PUBG Mobile India, an Indian version of pubg mobile, but MIETY refuses to unban PUBG Mobile in India as they violate the children act (explained by MIETY). But This violence is not up to the mark because many games have violated this act but not banned; why? 

                 Then PUBG Mobile corporation write a letter to MEITY to fix a meeting, and then the meeting was held, and a Company was registered on 21 Nov 2020 in Bengaluru, and engineering was hired for this. But the wait is not over yet.PUBG Mobile India still has some issues to launch but will be fixed soon and will launch.

      On the other hand, people are starting to play the PUBG Mobile Kr Version with the same excitement, and PUBG Mobile Global version still working in India who has previously downloaded.
So, the excitement of PUBG Mobile India is decreasing day by day.

PUBG Mobile India Trailor

My Opinions

If you want to play, you can play, but As a citizen of India, you have to take care of your country's privacy. So play or not, you have to decide.

        As PUBG Mobile is not available on the play store or AppStore in India, download it from somewhere else at your own risk because it may contain a malicious app and destroy your privacy. In today's world, privacy is everything. So, protect your privacy.

     Don't download the game from any unofficial site; it may lead to harm you.

PUBG Mobile India

Don't be a fool from any unofficial or untrusted website. In my opinion, you have to wait for official updates, Don't trust any fake websites and YouTubers, and also there are a lot of games; you should try another game, guys.

If you have any queries about this article or any questions, you can comment below and share this blog with us.

Thanks for your precious time
Happy Gaming.

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