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 Before you need to know about increasing your smartphone battery life, you should know how any battery works and battery types.

These days two types of batter come with your smartphone.

1.Lithium Polymer (Li-Poly) Battery:- This is the latest and the most advanced battery which became our smartphone lightweight and 40% more productive

2.Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) Battery:-This is an old technology battery which is havier.

How to increase your smartphone battery life

Charging and Discharging Cycle

The charging cycle is, when you charge your smartphone 0-100%, then it is one charge cycle, and if it discharges from 100 to 0%, it's one discharge cycle. When you charge your smartphone 0-50%, that means only half the charging cycle.

According to some battery manufacturers, If you charge your battery approx 400 charge cycles, then the battery loses 20% of its power storage capacity, and day by day, it's decreasing that m.eans if you change your smartphone 0-100%,400 times, then your battery capacity decreased to 80% of its original capacity.

Try to partially Charge your smartphone.

Partial charging is the most effective way of increase your smartphone battery life. Suppose you charge your smartphone 100% that means more heat will come through your battery, and heat lowers the battery life.

If a person eats more than his hunger, they can definitely have some problem and if a person is in appetite then also have some pain, same is the case with the battery, always try to maintain your battery 20-90% charge every time. This will definitely increase your battery life.

Avoid fast charging

In today's world, everyone wants fast charging in their smartphone that makes our life easy. But when you do fast charging, your smartphone has more stress and more heat dissipated, and as we said, Heat is the biggest enemy of the battery.

So, try to avoid fast charging, only consider fast charging when it actually needs you.

According to recent research, a slowly charged battery has a 20% more life span than a fast-charged battery.

How to increase your smartphone battery life
Fast Charging 

Avoid Overnight Charging

Overnight charging does not affect your phone but definitely affects your battery because it dissipates heat more, but it does not affect it if you use a slow charger.

If you have a fast charger then, never do this. Overnight charging is not a good practice. Try to avoid it as much as possible.

Always use the original charger and cable.

Don't use the third-grade charger or cable; that definitely decreases your smartphone battery's life span because this type of charger does not have proper power input and out and same with the cable.

Try to charge at normal atmospheric temperature.

Always charge your smartphone at room temperature, neither in too cold nor too hot. This also increases the battery life.

Final Conclusion

If you want to increase the life span of battery life, you must follow all the above steps. Otherwise, there is also another option to replace the battery: your phone, your choice.

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