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 In the modern era, who doesn't want to save the battery of a smartphone. Everybody wants to save their smartphone battery because the use of smartphones increases day by day. It's essential to have charged our smartphones every time, and this is only possible if we save our battery.

How to save battery on any smartphone
Save Smartphone Battery

Try the following setting to save the battery.

1.Reduce Screen Brightness as much as possible

Screen Brightness consumes a battery high in any smartphone. Reducing smartphone brightness is a good practice to save the battery. Set automatically change brightness and good practice; it varies according to the situation and defiantly helps save the battery.

How to save battery on any smartphone
Set Brightness as shown

2.Minimize the Screen Off time.

Set turn off-screen at the minimum time because it kills more battery. Every time prompt any notification, turn awake your smartphone and may turn ON your screen. To reduce screen off timing.

How to save battery on any smartphone

3.Turn Off Keyboard Sound or Vibration

Actually, we don't need the sound of the keyboard while typing because it also consumes a lot of battery. So turn off by going to the keyboard setting.

How to save battery on any smartphone

4.Turn On Battery Optimization

When we are not doing any heavy tasks on our smartphones, we really don't need a powerful smartphone. If you turn On Battery Optimization, It kills most of the running apps. And definitely consume less battery but slow your smartphone during that time only.

Try to optimize it whenever possible or when you don't do any multitasking on your smartphone.

How to save battery on any smartphone

5.Turn Off Location

The smartphone has location On has its own benefit, but location On kills maximum battery power. So, you can turn OfF when actually not needed.

How to save battery on any smartphone

6.Uninstall unusable Apps

Every app consumes some amount of battery whether you are using it or not. So, uninstall unnecessary apps from the phone.

7.Turn Off Data

It consumes a lot of battery when it is turn on. So turn it On only when you actually using it. Otherwise, you can turn it off.

8.Turn Airplane Mode On

It consumes significantly less amount of battery when Airplane mode is on. So you can try it when you want to save battery.

9.Avoid watching video every time

It consumes a lot of battery. Every time watching a video on Youtube is not a good practice, it will addict you. So, solve your query on google rather than the searching question on youtube; this will save your time and battery.

10.Turn Off Connectivity

You can turn off Bluetooth, Location, Data, and. Use wifi because Mobile data consumes more battery than Wifi.

11.Updates your Smartphone

Any smartphone has a lot of bugs. Companies try to fix that bug over time and optimize your smartphone, which consumes less battery.
How to save battery on any smartphone


If you want to save the smartphone battery, you can apply the above steps; this will help you save any smartphone battery.

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