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The shortcut key is the key or the combination of two or three, which gives you an alternate way to do some things that really save you a lot of time. In this blog, I will tell you all the essential shortcut keys which really helpful in your entire life.

Some useful shortcut keys for window 10

Now, I am giving you some frequently Keyboard shortcut key which needs you every time on your PC.

Cut - Ctrl X

Copy - Ctrl C

Paste - Ctrl V

PC Lock - Window Key + L

PC Shut down Option - ALT + F4

Taking ScreenShot - Window Key + prt sc

Window Key + Some another Key Action List

ShortCut Key Actions
Window Key Open and Close the start Menu.
Window Key + Number(n) Launch an nth number of Application listed in the taskbar
Window Key +A Open the action center.
Window Key +B Highlight the notification area
Window Key +C Launch Cortana
Window Key +D Switch between Desktop
Window Key +E Switch Desktop and launch File Explorer
Window Key +H Open the share charm.
Window Key +I Open the Setting App
Window Key +K Open the Connect Pane to connect the wireless display.
Window Key +L Lock the Device
Window Key +M Switch to the desktop and minimize all the window
Window Key +O Lock device Orientation
Window Key +P Open the project pane.
Window Key +R Display the Run dialog box
Window Key +S Launch Cortana
Window Key +T Cycle through the apps on the taskbar
Window Key +U Launch the ease of access center
Window Key +V Cycle through Notification
Window Key +X Open the advanced Menu.
Window Key +Z Open the app-specific command bar.
Window Key +Enter Launch Narrator
Window Key +Spacebar Switch Input language
Window Key +Tab Open Task View
Window Key +Plus Sign or Minus Sign Zoom In and Zoom Out
Window Key +Up Array Maximize the Active Window Size
Window Key +Down Arrow Restore or Minimize the Active Window 
Window Key +Left Arrow Resize the Active Window to Left half
Window Key +Right Arrow Resize the Active Window to Right half
Window Key +Shift+Up Arrow Maximize the active window vertically, maintaining the current width.
Window Key +Shift+Down Arrow Minimize the active window vertically, maintaining the current width.
Window Key +Shift+Left Arrow With multiple monitors, move the active window to monitor the Left.
Window Key +Shift+Right Arrow With multiple monitors, move the active window to monitor right.
Window Key +Home Minimize all non-active window
Window Key +prt sc Taking a Screenshot
Window Key +Ctrl+Left/Right Arrow Switch between Virtual Desktop
Window Key +? Launch the Window Feedback App
Window Key +Ctrl+D Create a New Virtual Desktop
Window Key +Ctrl+F4 Close the current virtual Desktop
Window Key +Esc Key Close the Magnifier

Some useful shortcut keys for window 10

The List of Ctrl + Some another Key Action List Window 10

The List of Control key shortcuts listed in the table:-

Shortcut Key Actions
Ctrl +A Select all text or Other Object
Ctrl +B Bold highlighted text
Ctrl +C Copy anything
Ctrl +D Bookmark an open web page
Ctrl +E Center text
Ctrl +F Open find window inside that page
Ctrl +G Open find inside a browser and word process.
Ctrl +H Open the Find and Replace window. 
Ctrl +I Italicize Text
Ctrl +J finds downloads in the browser
Ctrl +K Create a hyperlink for selected text
Ctrl +L select link in the address bar
Ctrl +M Indent selected text
Ctrl +N Create a New page or new document
Ctrl +O Open a file
Ctrl +P Printing any page
Ctrl +R Reload a page inside the browser
Ctrl +S Save any file
Ctrl +T Open a new tab in the browser.
Ctrl +U Underline the text
Ctrl +V Paste the file
Ctrl +W Open/Close Tab inside the browser
Ctrl +X Cut the file
Ctrl +Y Undo to Redo Action
Ctrl +Z Undo any Action
Ctrl +End Key Move pointer end of the document.
Ctrl +Esc Open the start menu of the window when turning ON.
Ctrl +Tab Switch between Open App or open tab inside the browser
Ctrl +[ Decrease the font size
Ctrl +] Increase the font size
Ctrl +Insert Copy the Object
Ctrl +Delete  Delete Next word
Ctrl +Alt+Left Arrow Rotate Screen Left
Ctrl +Alt+Right Arrow Rotate Screen Right
Ctrl +Alt+Upper Arrow Rotate Screen Upper Side
Ctrl +Alt+Down Arrow Rotate Screen to Down Side
Ctrl +Alt+Del Reboot the PC
Ctrl +PgDn Next Tab
Ctrl +PgUp Previous Tab
Ctrl +Mouse wheel Zoom In or Zoom Out the file

In this blog, I discussed two main key features of the PC /Laptop keyboard of Window Key and Ctrl key.

As We can clearly see, the Ctrl key and Window key play an important role in Keyboard. Actually, all keys in the keyboard have unique importance, but this key has more.

I hope you will enjoy reading this blog and learn some useful shortcut keys for window 10. You can bookmark this page for easy access and practice this all above shortcut that makes your life easy. You can share this blog with loved ones.

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Thanks for reading and all the best ❤

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