What is the disadvantage of Social Media | Top 10 disadvantage of using Social Media

 Using Social Media is both good and bad depending upon your usages and purpose. But According to research, Social Media affects the lives of teenagers. But it's also facts depending upon their usages. Using Social Media has both advantages as well as disadvantages. This blog will see the significant disadvantages of using social media and how it can be cured.

disadvantage of Social Media
The disadvantage of Using Social Media

Primary Disadvantage of Using Social Media


Any Social Media have developed by the team of the best brain with the help of many researchers for their productivity then became addictive is 99% sure because it analyzes you over time and gives your preferred content, you wanted to see. This makes you very addicted, and it is terrible for you all and affects your personal lives.15-24 aged group is more affected by addiction by social Media.

disadvantage of Social Media

2.It affects your Health

Excess use of Social Media leads to health issues. As you will become addicted to social media, you start giving social media your first priority. Even you skip lunch or breakfast for social media, which caused health issues. Sometimes you just lay in bed for hours and hours using social media, which causes a lot of stress .and loss of self-confidence. It will affect your daily routine.

3.Privacy Issue

There are many privacy issues in Social Media, As Social Media CEO promises us not to leak any personal data to anyone. Still, they sold our personal data to other companies to earn a lot of money, and then they use our personal data as they want. Sometimes you talk with a friend about some private matter, but the company can also decode your chat easily and use it.

4.Fake Accounts

Many accounts are absolutely fake, and an average person can't judge whether it is real or fake, which cause many problems in real life. As anyone creates fake social media account with traceable and they cause much pain like threat message and harass them. They also create a fake account in the name of some famous person, and they spread hate or something unnatural on their name, which can cause ruin his/her life.

5.Negative Impact on Society

If you post something irregular or some private things by mistake, it ruins your reputation in your society. These days, almost every person on social media and judge by their social media profile is horrible for our society.


Personal data and a personal message can be easily hacked by professional hackers that can ruin your life if they post your private message publicly. They ask for money or something else to publicly delete your personal data, which causes financial loss and loss of reputation.

 Social media is the source of communication, and we talk many personal talks. These days, many Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts got hacked and posted their confidential material to the public, which affected their life and got into depression.

7.Loss of Relationship

When you became addicted to social media, you stop valuing your family, and day by day, you stop talking to your family more. Your trust in the person of social media became more than the family and. And stop spare time with family which causes loss of family mentally.

8.It also causes Death

Many content creators do dangerous stunts and stuff on social media, and by following this when you try it on, they can be the reason for your death because they and are professional, but you don't know it. Some creators perform bike stunts, and some teenagers try to copy this, which leads to loss of life. Recently, some teenagers jump over the local train by seeing some similar content on social media in Mumbai, which cause the loss of their lives.

9.Frauds and Scams

Social Media has full of scammers who trap you mistakenly by the promise to give a massive amount of money. They ask your profile access or facebook page access in some company's name to make fake promises to work with top companies and promise you to give a considerable amount. This can cause a loss of account.

10.It can also cause addiction to drug and alcohol

Many wealthy people post their pictures while consuming alcohol and do crazy things. Teenagers start following them and try to do as they do, which is the most significant disadvantage of social media. They also share some views upon them, and people start following them and addict to them.

How can we control it?

Anything affects your life if you excess of them, So you can control all of the above by following ways:-

1.Limit the use of Social Media

2.Stop Following people

3.Don't Take social media seriously

4.Avoid Socia Media, mostly

5.Use Social Media as a Fun


Use social media cleverly, and stop trusting a random person on social media, making you better.

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