Fastest way to became an Android Developer in 2021| Roadmap to Became an Android Developer

If you want to become an android developer quickly, you come to the right article. In this article, I will discuss each possible aspect of the fastest way to become an android developer.

Fastest way to became an Android Developer in 2021

Why become an Android Developer?

There are many benefits to becoming an Android Developer such as:-

1.Open Source project easily available to learn and modify.

2.Get Job/Internship Easily in this field

3.Making Huge Money by developing apps and upload on the play store.

4.Freedom to work from anywhere

5.Free Resources are available to learn

6. Best Mobile Operating System holds 91% of devices running on this platform and has a huge market share.

Java or Kotlin or Flutter

At first, you have to learn a programming language, there are many languages available, but for android development, the recommended language is Java and Kotlin. But you have to choose one language.

If you are an absolute beginner, then start with Java language because Java is the official language of Android development, also a well-known programing language established by James Gosling in 1995. Most of the developers use this language, and also, you can find a lot of stuff on google.

Kotlin is a modern programming language. On 7th May 2019, Google announced Kotlin as the best language of Android app development because it is highly efficient, and more than 50% of advanced android developers love it. But you may find fewer resources in this language, So choose wisely.

Flutter for Hybrid Apps.

Install Android Studio

Android Studio is a tool or software to build your android application. It provides many features, Although It is the official IDE ( Integrated Development Environment) of Android Apps development.

For Installing Android Studio on your machine(PC or Laptop), your PC or Laptop must have a specific requirement by specification wise:

-Minimum 4GB RAM but 8 GB or above is recommended.

-Minimum 4 GB disk space but 10-12GB recommended.

-1280*800 minimum screen resolution.

Native or Hybrid Apps

If you are using Java or Kotlin, you can only develop apps for android users called Native Apps.
If you want to develop and apps for different platform like Android, IOS at the same time, then you have to learn the Flutter programming language, that is called hybrid Apps.

XML & Java/Kotlin

XML is an Extensible Markup Language that defines the design /layout of your android apps.XML is used only for the frontend, and Java/Kotlin is used for logic or action in backend code.

Free Learning Resources for Android Developer

There are so many free learning resources available on the Internet.

1.Youtube Channel Like CodeWithharry for Hindi medium and freecodecamp for English medium content.

2.Andrpod Official Docs - This is most important for android development became google implement new technology for better productivity.

3.Udacity Android Development Free course -Here, you can learn all basic to intermediate knowledge of android development and build simple apps.

4.Git/Github -This is mainly for the version control system; by using git/GitHub, you can upload your project here and keep it safe. You can also restore the previous version of your project if you find bugs in the new version.

5.Admob API -This is for earning by placing ads on your android apps

6.Google official Blog -Here, you can read all you need information in the updated version.

How to make money from Android Apps

3.Playstore In Purchase
4.Selling copy of source code
5.Social Media


Android development is a never-ending learning process:- 

Learn → Built→  Earn → Repeat

If you want to become a successful android developer, you have to update your knowledge as Google keeps changing its privacy and policy.

Today, onward, I will post the free source code of the Android Project for you guys to help in becoming an android developer faster.

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